Dignity Mortuary Trucks

Our Dignity Mortuary Truck are designed and manufactured, specifically for use in Mortuaries:

• Battery powered lift and travel
• Fast efficient operation
• Unique power driven push/pull loading
• Sealed batteries complete with built in charger
• Weigh scale
• Slow controlled speed
• 60 and 78 stone capacities available
• Low level simplex mast also available for low ceilings


“Three quarters of the UK’s adult population are overweight, with 22% clinically obese. with figures steadily rising “

Sunday Times 14.11.04


New Patented Design

Due to changes in legislation and the steadying rise in social obesity, Wilmat  Limited have developed a Mortuary Stacker to  aid the handling of heavier loads.

The fully powered electric truck has a capacity of over 320Kg (60 stone) and can be used to efficiently lift and manoeuvre bodies in a mortuary and PM room.

The unique power driven push/pull loading system enables the operator to position and store with greater ease and efficiency.