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Wall Mounted Pipe & Cable Guards

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Product Description

The Pipe/Cable Guard provides protection for exposed down pipes, cables and cable runs against accidental damage from forklift trucks, card, etc.
‘U’ shaped guard with 4 keyhole slots is easily & quickly installed.
• Versions for internal or external installation
• Easily & quickly installed
• Strong steel profile for maximum protection
• Highly visible yellow & black striping or galvanised finish available
• 4 rawl plug bolts supplied per guard

Manufacturing sites, warehouses, logistics depots, commercial building utility sites, chemical plant & car parks, etc

Internal dimensions: 200 x 230mm (W x D)
Wall thickness: 4mm

Indoor use: Powder coated yellow with black stripes.
Outdoor use: Hot Dip Galvanised.


Product Code

6528w, 6529w, 6530w, 6531w


Finish Dimensions H x W

Delivery weight Type
Hot Dip Galvanised

300 x 292 x 230mm 7kg 6528w
Powder coated

300 x 292 x 230mm 7kg 6529w
Hot Dip Galvanised

500 x 292 x 230mm 12kg 6530w
Powder coated

500 x 292 x 230mm 12kg 6531w