King Mobile Cranes

Wilmat’s popular range of Counterbalanced Floor Cranes are available in hand pushed, with either hand pump or battery lift, aswell as the fully powered option.

The King Counterbalanced Floor Cranes have been developed to pick up and reposition heavy pieces of work including machine tools, coils, chuck, motors, tools etc. The counterbalanced design ensures that you can get as close as possible to the load.


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Key features of the King Manual Counterbalance Floor Crane:


• 150Kg, 250Kg and 350Kg Capacity
• Highly manoeuverable
• Supplied with Manual lift. Battery powered lift available
• Overload tested by 50%
• Supplied complete and ready to use – no extra counterweight required
• Full specification available on request

Light to medium duty pedestrian propelled Compact and easy to operate the units have large nylon wheels and castors to aid manoeuvrability. Braked rear castors have wheel guards to prevent the operator from trapping their feet.

This crane has hydraulically operated hand pumped lift. Heavy duty stainless steel swivel hook complete with safety catch.


Key features of the King Powered Counterbalance Floor Crane:


• 500kg capacity @ 657mm clear reach
• Powered drive and powered hydraulic lift cranes with   hand pump override for precise positioning of load
• Infinite control on travel speed
• Infinite control on lifting and lowering speed
• Heavy duty 100AH Battery with built in 220/240 volt   charger
• Battery state/Hour meter
• Ø200mm front Polyurethane wheels and Ø250mm rear   drive wheels
• All cranes are tested to 50% overload with all   certification supplied
• Full specification available on request
• Larger capacity models are available on request

A range of Counterbalanced Workshop Cranes have been developed to pick up and reposition heavy pieces of work, machine tools, chucks, motors, press tools etc. Items can be placed on a bench or inside a machine even if its flush with the floor. Ergonomically shaped for greater manoeuvrability, these compact cranes can operate in the tightest of spaces. Microprocessor speed controller gives infinite speed control in forward & reverse (fully programmable with built in diagnostics).

Fitted with heavy duty non marking polyurethane wheels.
Lifting is by means of infinitely controllable powered pump unit with hydraulic hand pump for precise positioning. Braking consists of electro magnetic on the drive wheel, plug braking and regenerative braking.