Barriers & PVC Curtains

Wall Mounted Pipe & Cable Guards

The Pipe/Cable Guard provides protection for exposed down pipes, cables and cable

‘U’ shaped guard with 4 keyhole slots is easily & quickly installed.

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains help to keep out draughts and
maintain a constant working temperature

Curtains can be hung upto 3.5m depth

Mobile Welding Screens

Provide a safe, flexible and manoeuvrable means of shielding the glare from a welding rod

Several units can be run alongside each other in a straight line or at 90° to form individual booths

4m Mobile Expanding Barrier

Ideal for car parks and warehouses
Includes braked wheels

3m Expanding Barrier

 Designed for rapid deployment around work sites, exits and entrances etc

Vertical Pipe Protectors

Ensures pipes are protected against accidental damage by passing vehicles.