Guy Raymond Boosts Operations with Wilmat’s Custom-Made Semi Manual Platform Stackers

February 01 2023
Guy Raymond was founded in 1948 and is one of Europeโ€™s leading manufacturers of castors and components including; twin wheel castors for the furniture and medical industry, adjustable feet and fittings for furniture, retail and industrial applications.
Wilmat recently manufactured and supplied an additional 2 Semi Manual Platform Stackers which are used for lifting and stacking stillages of moulded components and work in progress.
Lawrence Daniels, Operations Manager said โ€˜The stillages are of our own design so an off the shelf solution was not available. We needed stackers that would fully support the stillage whilst avoiding damage. Wilmat produced a bespoke lifting bed which suits our requirements.
The Wilmat lifters replaced some older BT units which have been in service since 1973. We find that the new units are far lighter and easier to use and will hopefully last as long!โ€™
Although Guy Raymond have been a customer of Wilmat since the 1980โ€™s with us supplying stackers previously, this is the first time Lawrence has worked with us.
Lawrence continued โ€˜Marie and the team at Wilmat have always been easy to get hold of and to deal with.
When we have very occasionally had issues, they have been addressed quickly and efficiently. The price and delivery was good and it is a pleasure to be able to deal with another UK manufacturerโ€™
We are delighted to work with Lawrence and Guy Raymond, and look forward to working together again in the future