Jofsons Partnership Continues

January 17 2023

Wilmat recently helped our trade partner Jofson Limited to solve a handling issue at one of their clients for handling audio/visual cases on wheels.  We manufactured a lightweight semi manual stacker with wide straddle, adjustable forks and pendant control for up and down movement.  Steve Topping, Jofsons Account Manager said:

‘My customer Sterling Events Group handle Audio/visual cases on wheels, which are transported for concerts and major events.  The cases can be anywhere from 84kg – 120kg in weight, 350mm – 1300mm in size and handling them manually was causing some concern when trying to stack 2/3 high, these cases are required to be inspected and stored on a wooden mezzanine floor, with a rating of 4.8KN/metres squared, which again posed a problem of having a heavy piece of equipment, plus the load.

Having dealt with Wilmat when at past companies it was easy to establish that they offer lightweight units that can be modified to suit various applications, hence the purchase of the 303/AF/WS/S with widened straddle – 1360mm, to allow the castor wheels of the cases to fit neatly between, the extra fitment of the remote UP/DOWN pendant control made usage even more flexible.

Major factor with this application was H&S from a manual handling viewpoint but also the time saved now by having this unit in place, customer actually said, how ‘have we been managing before we got this’?.

From past dealings to present I have always found Wilmat to be very helpful and accommodating with product knowledge and any technical queries’

We are delighted to help and we look forward to working with Steve and Jofson again in the future.