Pedestrian Push-Along Snow Ploughs




Bi-directional blade makes it simple and easy to clear pathways in half the time and effort needed for conventional shovelling.
• Blade is manufactured from mild steel with high quality epoxy coated finish ensuring durability.
• Simple design allows you to remove the snow whilst keeping your body upright.
• Minimises work by pushing snow instead of lifting and throwing.
• Angled plough allows snow to easily slide off the side of the blade.
• Simply flip the handle over to choose which side the snow is ploughed to.
• Choice of two blade widths for narrow or wide pathways.


Type 6951w 6952w
Blade width 955mm 500mm
Blade depth 195mm 195mm
Handle height 1110mm 1110mm
Handle width 410mm 410mm
Weight 8kg 7kg

Product Code

6951w, 6952w


Delivery: 7 working days