PVC Rolls




  • Enable quick and easy replacement and maintenance
  • Low temp grade is flexible to -25°C
  • All PVC rolls 50m long


PVC Rolls
Size W x D Grade Recommended use Type
200 x 2mm Clear Internal/Pedestrian 2972w
200 x 2mm Polar Coldstore to -40°C 2973w
300 x 2mm Clear Internal Screens 2974w
300 x 2mm Green Welding – opaque 2975w
300 x 2mm Bronze Welding – see through 2976w
300 x 3mm Clear Internal screens 2977w
300 x 3mm Clear External screens 2978w

Product Codes

2972w, 2973w, 2974w, 2975w, 2976w, 2977w, 2978w