Standard Pallet Truck Chock


Product code: 7590w



The pallet Truck Chock is a lightweight product constructed from a strong recycled plastic construction, Rubber stoppers on the back of the chock ensures that it will hold the pallet truck in place on all surfaces.

> Lightweight.
> 2 handles.
> Two sloping sides for easy use.
> Suitable for any pallet jack.
> A low-cost solution with a high quality.
Designed to eliminate vehicle & freight damage due to runaway pallets.

It’s easy to use and easy to store.

Ideal for haulage companies, pallet distributors and other materials handling customers that need to secure that pallet trucks.

Dimensions: 250mm long x 320mm wide
Ideal for all Standard Pallet trucks

The pallet truck chock is compatible with all standard pallet truck sizes, both hand and hydraulic. It can be fitted in a matter of minutes and will remain in place until unlocked.