Wilmat & Welfaux

January 26 2023

Welfaux Materials Handling a family run Forklift Truck dealer had a customer requirement for moving large transformers weighing up to 9500kg into an industrial oven so contacted Wilmat for help. Wilmat supplied a Heavy Duty Powered Pallet Truck with a capacity of 10,000kg which is now on site and working well as shown in the photo at the bottom.

Simon Moody, Area Sales Manager for Welfaux said ‘The truck is used to move huge (7.5 – 9.5 tonne) transformers into an industrial oven. The benefits to the customer are numerous including no emissions into the workshop from the electric truck and less space required as it’s much smaller than a 10t forklift truck. For these reasons alone its much safer around the works area.

Although we have used Wilmat before, we hadn’t for a project of this size. I worked with Marie Lacey on this project and found her very helpful. Providing technical feed back and diagrams on our initial specification. Working like this enabled us to get approval from the customer quickly’

We are delighted to work with Simon and Welfaux and we look forward to working with them again.