Wilmat’s Bespoke Powered Die Handler: Revolutionizing Tool Handling for Vestatec Automotive

May 24 2023
Vestatec Automotive were founded in 1987 and are a leading specialist and innovator in metal forming and the assembly of complex and detailed precision components for aesthetic or high performance applications for a wide range of industries.
Vestatec already had 3 C-Frame Hydraulic Presses on site and were investing in a fourth H-Frame press.
This investment enabled Vestatec to extend their pressing capabilities, however by doing so the tools got physically bigger and heavier, with no way to handle them.
They needed a truck that would handle tools ranging from 500mm x 300mm to 1400mm x 1000mm and weighing up to 2000kg up to a lift height of 2250mm.
There was also an issue with a low door height that the truck needed to pass through to the storage area.
This is where Wilmat came in! Vestatec contacted us to see how we could help.
Simon Bleakley, Vestatec’s Production Manager visited Wilmat with his colleague James to discuss the application with Marie Lacey. The application was discussed in detail and Wilmat proposed a solution for a Bespoke Powered Die Handler. Once we had the order, Marie carried out a confirmation site visit to confirm the specification.
The truck has:
• 2000kg capacity
• Lifts up to 2400mm whilst being able to pass through the low doorway
• Die Handling bed with a clear bed size of 1200mm x 1000mm
• Twin telescopic adjustable pushing/pulling arms which hook to the tool
• Docking on the bed to dock with the storage racks
• Pendant control for pushing and pulling
• Infinite speed control on forward/backward/lift and lower
• Power assisted steering with creep speed setting
Simon said ‘The Truck is used to load and unload Press tools weighing 500kg to1800kg from Tool racking to hydraulic Presses. Having the truck has enabled our staff to load and unload Tooling in a safe and efficient method after receiving training from Marie on site following delivery.
Marie and her team have been very helpful in providing a good solution to our needs, it has been a positive experience.