Fork Mounted Height Adjustable Jibs




The Height Adjustable Extending Jib has all the characteristics of the standard incline fixed jib with the additional benefit of angular lifts.

This allows tall and awkward loads to be lifted by increasing the lift height of the forklift truck or tele handler.

Standard Features

  • Multi hook positioning from 950-3850mm load centres.
  • Adjustable angled lift at 0°, 15°, 30° and 45°.
  • Supplied complete with 2 No swivel hooks.
  • Maximum fork section 150x50mm at 350mm centres.
  • Zinc plated heel pin for safe attachment to truck.
  • Painted bright orange for safety.




Capacity @ Load Centres    
C of G   
950mm 1700mm 2200mm 2450mm 2600mm 2850mm 3100mm 3850mm
9119w 1000kg 650kg 550kg 500kg 450kg 400kg 350kg 200kg 295kg 840-1115mm
9120w 2000kg 1250kg 1050kg 900kg 800kg 750kg 675kg 350kg 300kg 840-1115mm
9121w 3000kg 1850kg 1500kg 1300kg 1100kg 900kg 750kg 500kg 310kg 840-1115mm
9122w 4000kg 2300kg 1800kg 1775kg 1475kg 1100kg 900kg 650kg 315kg 840-1115mm
9123w 5000kg 2400kg 1900kg 1800kg 1500kg 1250kg 1100kg 900kg 305kg 840-1115mm

Product Code

9119w, 9120w, 9121w, 9122w, 9123w


Delivery time: 7 working days