Stand-in Powered Pallet Truck

● Horizontal handling of large tonnage goods;
● Middle and long distance handling;
● Frequent reversing, such as loading and unloading on large trucks.

Main Features:

    1. Maintenance-free high-power AC drive system to provide reliable driving power
    2. Standard CURTIS series controller, reliable and durable; AMP waterproof and dustproof plug-in, which provides reliable protection for the line and greatly reduces electrical faults;
    3. Side-station type, electric power steering, reasonable layout of the joystick, safe, labor-saving, flexible operation;
    4. The mechanical structure is solid and the key parts are made of high-strength steel plate, which is sturdy and durable.

• Side-station standard power distribution power steering makes the control lighter and more flexible;
• The latest CURTIS AC control system, precise and stable control, and higher efficiency.

• Electronic power steering system, clear steering, providing better driving experience and lower energy consumption;
• New style and ergonomic design to provide a better driving experience.

• With ramp anti-sliding function to ensure safe operation.